A modern Hotel close to the sea

Live a stay according to your wishes, in a striking place where the chimes of ordinariness disappear to wrap you with pure and unforgettable sensations .In the heavenly scenery of Pineto, where the territory breathes the subtle nuances that paint the horizon, the Hotel Miramare, get along with colors and shapes of nature. Refinement and elegance are spread in all the corners of the Hotel, recalling the quiet that reigns in the Abruzzese landscape..

Refined furnishings and welcoming environments where light is diffused stroking every detail, cutting-edge technologies that blend with the contemporary style of the materials, by combining exclusive design and energy saving to offer you maximum comfort. Between the beach and the charm of the center of PinetoMiramare Hotel has been recently restored to provide a bright oasi where the attention to detail turns on the holiday.

Choose the best solution for you among the comfortable and stylish bedrooms and the practical apartments: Miramare Hotel is open all year round. Enjoy a perfect welcome, that is guaranteed by the family management since 1962 and that aims to make every Guest feel at home, surrounded by a unique landscape.

An exclusive relaxation between the waddling sea at about 50 meters and the luxuriant pine forest, to sprinkle your stay with the magical Abruzzese hospitality.